Why are some games released only on consoles

Everyone knows that M$ and Sony sometimes pay devs to only release a game on Xbone or ps4, hence exclusives. But why would a studio only release a game for PS4 and Xbox? If a game is released on both major systems, MS or Sony wouldn’t be paying them to keep it exclusive, so why would they do it? Even if a dev is concerned about pirates, they would be losing a portion of their money from pirates on pc, but if it is not released on PC at all, the dev would get no money. So what would the advantage of releasing a game only on PS4 and Xbox? :spin:

You’re a 3D modeller

you tell me if you want to remodel every prop in varying levels of polygons and texture sizes so it can run well for a wide range of specs ranging from 2005 athlon machines to future proof god machines

Traditionally, consoles had the advantage of coming with a unique controller scheme alongside a plug-n-play nature (making them very accessible and very quick to start). This made it an attractive platform for gamers and likewise gave developers a large audience to cater to.

Also for developers, the advantage was the fact that every person had the same hardware specs (so you didn’t have to tweak the game to give it different graphical settings or anything of that sort).

However, with consoles becoming more and more like PC’s (down to having to install everything, waiting for updates, and sign-ins for game-based services), the console is starting to lose those advantages (so in a way, the PC is starting to become a more attractive option). Nowadays, it’s the mobile space that gets the closest to a plug-n-play nature.