Why are the edges appearing in render?

Would someone please point me in the right direction?

I’ve noticed these edges appearing in my render. It’s not showing on the viewport shading, only on rendering. I’ve gone into x-ray mode and there’s no edges there for it to display like that and UV unwrapping is sound.

Hey there,

Would you be able to circle or otherwise point out what edges you’re referring to on your screenshot?

Do you mean the board with the pronounced diagonal texture?

Yeah. Those little sweethearts…

Try mesh menu >> reset normals

Nope, didn’t work

Update: Issue fixed. Needed to rotate 90’ on the Y axis in the texture mapping instead or rotating UV map

Nice that you fixed it. But you just should have selected that polygons in the first place in the UV Editing Workplace to see the UV’s for this particlar polygons only but showing us all of them… :wink: