why are the particles not working correctly for FUR?

I followed the documention for making fur and it came out pretty cool. but now when i try to make it on my character i get this weirdness to it.
1st here how i made my char. i modeled one side of it and dupped it and then joined the meshes. remove doubles to clean the seam. and i get this image when i try adding particles…


here’s what weird. if I add the particles to half and dup that half, the whole thing looks fine. but once the meshes get joined, this happens. also, it doesnt matter if i use remove doubles ot just merge the vertices in the middle to clean the seam… all normals look fine in the joined mesh, they all point outwards and when checking them after adding the particles they still look fine but the particles mess up like this.

help is very much needed sorry :slight_smile: still a blndr noob but I did try reading the documentation. :slight_smile:

i dont know if ur interested but try FiberGenerator

to fix the normals problem your getting select all and ctrl+n (calculatre normals outside)



i did that already. all the normals are fine, the all point outward. i tried that before i posted and this is still what i get. thanks though.


thanks for the fiver generator suggestion, but im trying to create this character with no plugins to learn the particles system.

have you tried the Rcalc all button in the particles area? its beside the static and delet buttons.


Are you sure the number of particles is high enough?


tried the recalc button. i just don’t understand why both sides look fine until i ctrl-j them to join the meshes… if anyone want’s to look at .blend file, here it is. i’m going to keep at this. maybe i can find away around it for the final image.


The problem is exactly what I said. Just raised the number of particles, you don’t have enough for the number of vertices.


38800 is what i had it at and looked ok but u shouldnt have joined the 2 :-?

shouldnt have joind the 2 meshes i mean :wink:

thanks, i never thought about that one. :o it worked perfectly now.

i needed both meshes joined to animate the character once i’m done modelling it and rigging it.

thanks for your help guys.

good luck with the animation