Why are there 2 Win64 versions of blender on buildbot?

I assume it’s because each one uses a different compiler. What are the advantages / disadvantages of each? Every time I go to download a new version I wonder if I’m picking the wrong one. If there is no difference between the 2, then why is there an option…?

Thanks! I’m driving myself crazy thinking about it. :slight_smile:

One is compiled with Scons and the other with cmake. That is just the build system, it’s the same (MSVC) compiler. No visible difference for end users.

Ok, thanks!

cmake build does it support osl?

Wondered this a few times too, is there a benefit of cscons over cmake ?, speed/memory (or no noticable diffrence in most cases).

There shouldn’t be any runtime differences between CMake/SCons (though there are some minor differences in practice, CMake will load blend files slightly faster for eg.).

We’re looking to drop SCons eventually. Maintaining multiple build-systems is just overhead we don’t need.

talking about windows
will probably update soon to win 10

what will happen when we go with win 10 ?

happy bl

Hi RickyBlender, testing latest Windows 10 Tpreview and Blender 2.74 work fine.

Cheers, mib


nice to know it does not change much

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