Why are there holes in by intersected objects?

I have Blender 2.49 and when I intersect some objects some times they have what looks like panels missing why is this and how do I fix it?

Might be because of normals pointing different ways. In edit mode select all and Ctrl N to recalculate them.
Check out v. 2.6 some time.

Thanks, When you say select all you mean have it selected in object mode before I go to edit mode? My computer is too old for version 2.6 I’m saving up for a new computer now.

I’m not quite sure what you are describing here, but I do know this … “interesting things can happen” (ahem…) when, say, two planes intersect in 3D space but there is no edge at that point.

Really, you never want to let that happen, because neither of the two planes now represent what is actually going on.

If, on the other hand, you are talking about the Boolean “intersect” operator, then, yeah, the orientation of the normal-vectors definitely can get wonky. Put the entire object in edit-mode, recalculate normals, and all should be well. (You might have to adjust some faces on an individual basis, but that’s rare.)

Betwee you 'n me, though, I would strongly recommend that you “ditch” the 2.49 series more-or-less immediately. It’s not just that the user-interface is considerably better, but many bugs have been corrected, too. (And new ones introduced … :wink: … o’course.) IMHO, it really is “worth switching to, even now, even with what hardware you’ve got.”

Thanks everyone, I selected the block letter I’m making then pressed control N and it said recalculate normals out side, I said OK then nothing happened any suggestions? I so want to use an updated version of Blender but the website said what I have is too old so I’m saving to up date my computer.