Why are there no Action Actuator in Blender2.42a ???


I just want to know why I didn’t find the Action Actuator in Blender2.42a for windows. I uninstalled it, downloaded a new file from the blender.org and… the Action Actuator isn’t there.
I need to use Action Actuator, it’s very important. If anyone knows another way to make what the Action Actuator makes, or if I can find an older version of blender that have the Action Actuator, I’ll be grateful.


Hi !

I’m making my first game using Blender game Engine, with 2.42a, and I have set the walkcycles and other movements of my character using Action actuators, so I can tell you that this actuator is present !

Look at the choices again carefully, because I believe that you missed it !

I think that they are available only it there is already at least one action created in your scene. If not, you have to convert your Ipo curves into action to be able to select one in the actuators panel.


The action actuator only shows up if an armature is selected.