Why are two collections of identical rigid bodies simulated differently?

I have 2 identical collections of rigid bodies with identical settings. They are on different collision collections yet they are acting different when dropped from identical location. I need for them to be simulated in the exact same way as the previous collection. Why is this happening?

This is the sort of thing where the tiny estate change can change anything - this is literally how yd simulate da dice rolling - and that’s a random number.

What are you trying to achieve here? Can you bake actions for one colection, then copy the collection over and a just the timing on the key frames?

I wanted to create smoke emitting from a shards of cell fractured object and then hide these shards and replace them with identical shards that liquify. I found a workaround by creating 2 .blend files. If anyone knows how to stop this from being random tho, please let me know.

I would bake the solid body sim to keyframes, then duplicate all those objects to a new collection, then liquify all the new collection, then use some meathod to make one collection disappear and the other appear, such as parenting everything to two empties that scale to 0.

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