Why are you people so nice?

I was crusing around the internet, and, out of all honesty and humility, I would have to say that you people are some of the nicest people I’ve seen on the net. Why is that? Is it becauswe you want people to C&C on your work, so you be nice, so they will and so you won’t be banned? Or is it because you are old and you found out that being an a** is useless? Or could it be that you are too intelligent to be cursing and act like the person your not? Or is it because you are in school and are picked on by losers who think they are better than you, and you don’t like it, so you don’t do it?

 Yes, this semms a weird question, but I want to know why people are so nice and why other people are worthless, uhm, mean. This is just a question of curiosity.

its because people aren’t fake online.

some places nerds go to get away from their pitiful real lives by acting macho and dominating, the opposite of their real selves. They try to compensate in their fake online world to please themselves.

Here, we all know that we are nerds, and we accept that.

That, and we are here for a “higher calling.” At other places where people are there to talk about gaming and, well, gaming, they are there to because they have nothing better to do. We are here because this is our something better to do.

I hope that answers your question.

That’s just the ploy we put on until the mind altering subliminal messages have their way.

Muhahahahahahaha!!! :<


Imho, Eysiun is full of nice pp because we all share the same interest(in case of blender chating), because age around here is a bit higher than gamer’s forum, because if you are able to use blender you sure can make a though post and finally because there is rules we all follow without too much trouble maker.
As a moderator I find this place very peacefull indeed.

Yes, this semms a weird question, but I want to know why people are so nice and why other people are worthless, uhm, mean. This is just a question of curiosity.

Hmm, I wonder if you’ll ever find the answer to that question… wonder aswell how usefull such a quest will be, but I could spread out some thoughts about this subject nevertheless. btw, I have my doubts wether worthless people excist in the first place… though on the other hand ALL can be seen as worthless aswell, but let I not go there…

I can only speak for myself ofcourse, but I treat people like they do with me in the first place. Further I guess it’s just not in my personality to call people names and be rude to them, never really seen the point of that and when I look around me and see people whom do that kinda stuff I don’t find their “conversations” really interesting nor appealing. Doesn’t make sense to hurt people’s feelings and it’s not productive in any way… As for me I just like to be able to help Blenderheads with questions when I can and critisize people’s works and get critisized myself on a honestly way with the main purpose so we all learn something and be stimulated to get better at the things we do. Sometimes crits might be a little harsh around here aswell, but then again it’s not the purpose to hurt someone’s feelings, but to help eachother out. And what you do with the crits anyone may decide for themselves. Now I can’t tell if people think I am a nice guy, everyone should judge for themselves, it’s not my intention to be seen as a nice guy I just try to be who I am and if people like that than that’s not bad… if they don’t I guess that’s fine aswell (btw. don’t get me wrong I preffer the first option, who wouldn’t?).
So why are many people in the Blender community so friendly? Well Blender is freeware, many people make scripts and stuff to support the community and the development of Blender, it’s all about creativity… I don’t know, one might find a link there?
Oh, and why should one be old to realise that being an a*s is useless?!

I don’t even know you… but I think you suck. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, just kidding. I agree with the above.

I guess I’m being hipocritical, saying they are worthless.

Why should one be old to realize that being an a** is usless? They don’t need to be old to realize, I was speaking out of stupidity I guess.

What is the secret to not caring what other people think and being yourself?

By focusing only on increasing your post count, you don’t have time to be fake. :wink: Nah, just kidding. But I would like to say that people who don’t care at all what others think aren’t always the most pleasant people to associate with.

We could come up with hundreds of theoretical reasons why this community is so friendly, but there’s really no way to prove anything. Just enjoy it. By the way, not everyone here is nice. We have our share of jerks. :slight_smile:

I would say that this community is somewhere in the middle. I’ve seen way tamer, but I think that this one’s about right.

We do have our share of jerks who come and (most commonly) go, of course, I’m stickin around, so that’s not always true. :stuck_out_tongue:

u r a all a bunch of n00b asshats!


In all seriousness, this is one of the few places on the net that I’ve been that people are actually nice to one another. That doesn’t mean things don’t get out of hand sometimes but I’m quite proud of this community and and those who’ve let me take part in it.



  1. I think it feels good to treat others nicely, whether I know them or not.
  2. I know it is good to treat others nicely, whether I know them or not.

That is why I try to be nice to people. I can’t find any valid reason under the sun to be mean.


you are a member of the “quilt makers forum”?


you are a member of the “quilt makers forum”?


I was banned. :frowning:

People seem nice in c&c because the person you are c&c’ing will blow up on you if you are honest and point out their mistakes much of the time.

Makes the c&c generally pointless unless you’re lucky enough to get those one or two picky people.

People who use free software instead of stealing rank a little higher in my ethics and moral list. People who develop software for free have a bonus. It was always my explanation why elYsiun is such a nice place. Just a thought.

yep, along with a couple of other things that were mentioned…the ‘niceness’ you see here is, imo, a reflection of the generosity of the blender foundation. when you realize that there are people devoted to improving this software, most of whom recieve nothing as payment, aside from the satisfaction of having contributed to a really good program, you become inspired to contribute in your own way. and not only the programers,…there are also the original nan team who bought blender, timothy, who created this forum, and probably saved blender from an untimely demise when there was a need, etc.
when i arrived here, i was moved by the spirit of this community, and overwhelmed at the knowledge and instruction that was suddenly available to me from these generous, kind, and knowledgable people. not being accostomed to seeing this kind of environment on the web, i was initially a bit on the defensive, and, jumped down a couple of peoples throats pretty bad just for minor stuff,…a hostility forged in the gutters of the internet. people were patient with me and i grew into this new environment. i was compelled to improve from all the good crits and encouragement i recieved.
and, because people were so generous to me, when i was a newcomer,…tirelessly answering my inumerable questions, i want to return the favor, and, hopefully as my blender knowledge increases, i can take up some of the slack as more newcomers arrive. and hopefully they can all have as positive an experience as was mine with blender and elysiun.

Nice?!! You should seen what evil is lying behind when you mention gays or anything about earths creation/evolution that has nothing todo with the bible.

Other than that everyone seems to be nice. :slight_smile:

Blender is a serious piece of software, unfortunately it develops so quickly that there will be always blank spaces in documentation department.

So for a serious software, with serious features we have serious questions and answers and no time to nor desire to pointless jangles.

I thinks people here are nice, because of the subject of the forum :slight_smile:

No kidding?! I’ve been so busy trying out the new features (that gets added EVERY DAY
in the current CVS versions) that I’ve hardly got time to do anything else, I’ve even
stopped my usual “rave-around-100-hangout-forums-and-document-new-features” spree I
usually engage in. My brain is STIR-FRIED from all the new things, gotta admit i LOVE IT

I doubt the next Blender manual would be as small as 700 pages…
probably more like 7000…

So, I guess the reason you people are nice is because you are artist. And as an artist, you are not here to engage in the useless act of being a jerk, but are here to make art. I guess that’s why some artist get good jobs, cause there not waiting their time bullying other people.