Why arnt my image textures working

hello, i have a low poly model, i also have a very detailed version of it. its covered in sculpted on wires, for some reason when i smart wrap the detailed model character, make image texture and bake it whilst selecting the one i want to bake over it, it shows the image texture, which i guess is ok, but when i add it to the low poly character, all over the model is these strings and small copies of multiple small uv’s inside of it, this is the best image i can show that shows everything

on the bottom left you can see a portion of the wired body from the detailed character, and in the center you can see the messed up texture, what should i do?

I can only understand half of it.

You have a detailed mesh where you bake details to a low poly?
The texture in the bottom left is not a normal map.

That sounds like you are not probably baking the details. You also need to save the baked map for it to work i think.

As @3DArtGuy pointed out you actually Baked a Diffuse Map and are trying to run it as a Normal Map…with what you have done…In the Lower Right select Bake > Bake Type > NORMAL…and re-bake…also as 3DArtGuy said…You have to SAVE the image that is Baked or lose it!

Sounded like you also had a material assigned to the high resolution model. It might be helpful to detach it.