Why array not following the curve path

I have curve and array modifier. Rotation and scale is applied to mesh and curve. The mesh is not following the curve (Square). Mesh getting mess with the geometry. As soon as curve modifier added the mesh get mess. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

array different.blend (907.6 KB)

There’s a problem with wall.001, the radius is set VERY high, and it’s deforming the cube.002 array.

With wall.001 in edit mode, select all the vertices and press F3, Set Curve Radius, enter 1.

Thanks. But when i increase the count array having curve shape not a perfect square. And some mesh have square and tilted mesh.

Curve modifier wants to distort geometry. This is like having roads or cables, etc. However for such technique look at some addons for procedural modeling.

It will be deformed with array. But if all your pillars are completely same then is another thing u can do. Create a plane and make it as big as your curve.
Now subdivide it in such a way that each row contains the no. Of faces which are same as the no. of pillars for that row. For example, if u want 10 pillars in one row then the no. Of faces should also be 10. Now delete all the inside faces of the plane leaving outside border. Now parent the pillar to the plane and in the object properties of the plane enable instancing by faces. You r done.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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I tried it now and it worked. Good to know. :slight_smile:

. Parented cone to subdivided plane edges. :ok:
. Selected plane and enabled [Instancing > Verts] :ok:

The same trick works if you you want to keep the curve for placement. You can use instancing on a proxy mesh that has instancing on.