Why blender causing my PC to restart?

As I said, you report and you explain all this. Also mention that the problem occurs in Windows and Linux (if that is really so)

Do you have an amd processor with a gtx 960?
I’ve occasionally had some issues with gtx 960’s and amd processors, part of why I downgraded to a gtx 760 in my desktop.

Yeah what’s your graphics card model? i’m guessing you’re using AMD graphics card?
Ans is this restart problem happening for couple of days or from the start?
i don’t think i faced this restart problem before. or maybe i didn’t used 4px tiles size before (not sure)
So just want to be sure since when this is happening for you

Me? I’m using intel CPU with AMD processor
i5 6400 with and rx 590 8gb

yes i’m gonna report about this, Though i still think it’s hardware or something to do with amd drivers which causing the whole pc to restart, but i’m not sure
If @caz747 has AMD gpu then i’m gonna guess AMD has something to do with this, still can’t be sure unless i test my gpu on another PC

Might not be a bad idea to test your GPU on another machine, at the very least it can rule out of your gpu has a defect with it.

eh? you must have one very unique motherboard…

No every motherboard support AMD and NVIDIA GPU’s
it’s the cpu which can’t fit in AMD motherboards, or AMD cpu’s which can’t fit in Intel motherboards

yeah… that is clear… but what did you mean with:

haha ^^ , sorry I didn’t get your configuration… Are you running an Intel CPU with an AMD GPU ?

Hahaha yeah,
I5 6400 (intel cpu)
rx 590 8gb GPU, (amd)
16gb ram 8+8gb
and Gigabyte mobo

Could you run the following commands from Linux terminal and copy here the result of each command?

lspci | grep -iE 'vga|3D'

sudo lshw -c video

Well i uninstalled linux :_: after testing for 2 days.
Btw what does it do?

I just wanted to know if you were using the discrete GPU as the primary graphics card. And the installed driver.

…hmmm… you have quite a memory deficiency going on for what you are trying todo with Substance Painter and your 8K textures (considering all the masks and essential PBR texture sets). You should break your materials down into multiple and use 4k instead… so that part doesn’t surprise me at all.

I still think that it is a bug with regards to the EEVEE live rendering your volumetrics.
Maybe head over to:
and describe the issue there

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[quote=“Md_utsho, post:1, topic:1190036”]
I’ve noticed that for couple of days my computer is shutting down on its own when I am working with this scene in blender with 4px tiles size.
[/quote] So during renders.

So it’s sustained computing load, unlike games where there tends to be more variance/frequency fluctuation.

And you also haven’t tried another GPU in your PC. So it could be your CPU, motherboard, both of them, the GPU, or even all of the above. But at least you have ruled out the memory and the PSU.

If you ran a long CPU only render you could probably rule out the CPU and MoBo too, assuming it is the GPU. Which then leaves you to simply confirm that it’s your GPU, probably.

Note that you haven’t mentioned what exact GPU model and from which vendor you have…

Note that above I mentioned sustained load. Not as much of an issue with games and game engines.

Easiest way to test might be FurMark, but that generates extreme heat(what it’s designed to do) and worst case, that test could kill your already troublesome GPU. Then again, if it’s still under warrany…

What’s the CPU and Motherboard?

Could be either the MoBo/CPU VRM or the GPU VRM that isn’t sufficiently cooled.

I checked that not every time 8k textures causing my PC to restart.when I add so many filters like saturation, blur colour correction and I have so many layers going on, then if I export 8k textures and PC restarts.
I exported 8k textures before but I don’t think I faced this kind of restarts before, though I can’t tell if I had so many layers or not.
and one thing my 1200va UPS was facing some problem so I had to send it to the warranty. Which caused my PC to restart several times.currently I am using a 650 vA UPS which can’t backup when power is gone, if I do GPU intensive tasks. But I do think UPS is protecting me through voltage spikes.
So my question is can voltage could be a problem. Somebody already mentioned about voltage noise something I’m not an expert about this but can voltage really be an issue?

I tested my GPU with full mark already for several times, but that doesn’t Cause my PC to restart.
Even temperatures are under control.
And I am using RX 590 8GB graphics card from Sapphire

Its core i5 6400 and gigabyte h110m ddr3 Motherboard

Actually not during renders,it’s restarting when I am moving around the viewport, sometimes I don’t have to move around the viewport just change it to 4px and the PC restarts