Why Blender curves has a shrink/compress effect on start and end points?

Hi every one!

Some how with curves when animating, the start and end points have a shrink/compressed effect as shown in the image. Its noticeable with animating bevel start/end.

But this also has an effect when using the curves as a animated guide, specifically when making an object turn around its own axes while following along the guide. Towards the start and end of the curve, the object turn allot more then its in the middle.

Is there any way to edit this? I just can’t figure it out. I’ve already tried converting to mesh, using the “Loop Tools” add-on to even out the vertex spacing and converting it back to curves. But it doesn’t work.

I don’t use a lot of bevel start/end. But for the problem you’re demonstrating, you should consider using a curve modified mesh. It doesn’t have the problems you’re demonstrating.

Nice Tip thanx bandages!!

I will play with that method and see what other options it offers

But I literally woke up thinking about the solution…and It works!!
(Don’t you just love it when that happens :sunglasses: :smirk: :raised_hands:)
In this case Its not related to the curve objects but rather to the animation, the “key-frame interpolation (type)” to be more specifically.

Just simply had to change the “key-frame interpolation” to “Linear”.

But thanx anyways