Why Blender doing this?

Whenever i save my file, Blender creates a .blend1 file in the same folder. Why is it doing this ?

Effectively blend1 is your last version prior to your most recent save. You can have more if you want

because the blender wants to keep the file safe. So, it copy the files

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I prefer to do incremental saves manually, by doing a save as every now and again and hitting NumPad Plus to increment a number on the end of the file name, but the blend1, blend2, blend3 system might work better for some people.

Another folder where i was saving some other files has so many of those backups:

How do i disable this : so i only have one backup .blend1 file ?

By default I think when you do a save Blender renames your previous save from .blend to .blend1 and then saves your new version as .blend. That’s the case if you have Save Versions set to 1.

If you then do a Save As and change the file name, you’re going to end up with a separate .blend1 file from that point onwards.

How you got to .blend11 without having .blend2 through to .blend10 is a mystery unless you added a 1 onto the end of a .blend1 file yourself to increment things manually.

The autosave thing is a completely different issue. The Blender default is autosave on and saving just one previous version as a .blend1 seems fairly sensible. When you save a file for the first time you will only have a single .blend file. The .blend1 gets created when you do your second save and is a copy or snapshot of your first save. The autosave is more handy to recover work that might have been lost inbetween saves.

Thanks for replying, Here’s the full story. I was working on something, saved the file and closed blender. Put my PC to sleep and later, when i turned it back on, i got a bluescreen. After restarting i opened up the project and saw the default cube sitting there. Every thing i worked on for hours was gone. So, i went in the temp folder where I found the previous saves i had done. I copied the autosave file from temp folder and pasted it in that folder I showed above. So after that , whenever I saved the project, it created another copy in that same folder instead of temp folder.