Why Blender has not been used for stuff like that?

This is a very sweet game cinematic:


Can all that be done in Blender? If so, why are studios don’t use it (nobody orders stuff like that in studios who use Blender) ?

Well first of all i don’t think Blender has a crowd simulation tool.
Second, Blizzard artists should switch from Max,Maya to Blender which would take a considerable amount of time and last but not least they should have a small developper team to turn Blender to an in-house program just for Blizzard.

But i wonder this.Orange and Peach projects lasted for 6-8 months to produce a ten-minute short film and bring Blender in production-ready state where as Blizzard needs an entire year to produce a 3 minute yet stunning short…

most of the things in that video can be done easily in blender. the mob not so much, but our fur/hair has gotten better, softbodys and cloth need a few tweaks.

as for why many studios don’t use blender there are a few reason:

  • most schools where animation and game design are taught don’t have classes on Blender, Maya and 3d max among others. most companies don’t want to spend extra money/time teaching people new software in studio.

*people have a misconception of open source software

*blender i will admit is currently missing a few tools that other packages have to make things easier.

i believe in a post 2.5 world blender could be more widely accepted among studios. members of the community can help out greatly by writing tutorials and books, making their own movies and games. Those things catch the eyes of schools and studios alike.

I dont know about the hand brushing the snow and the smoke comign from the eyes, but otherwise, I think that with a renderfarm Us blendheads could do that in several months if we didnt sleep

Smoke coming out of his eyes can be done with particles, same goes for the hand cleaning ice out of snow (probably via mask or something, I am not familiar with all wonders of particle system :wink: ).
I don’t think crowds need to be simulated, those evil creatures were no even moving.
I assume it all comes down to a particular project. If there is no project that need cinematics done, it will never be done.

Yes that can all be done in blender (and there is a crowd sim but it’s a little old).
Most studios don’t use it because of the learning curve. They have a staff of employees that are quiet proficient in Maya, Max, or whatever, and it would cost man-hours to re-train everyone. Man-hours = money.

I’m not so sure if that can be currently done in blender, if only for the crowd. Anyone seen lighthouse? in some interview/making they stated that crowds were tough and slow, because of the way datablocks work. there’s other stuff in this movie that might be really hard.

But then again, there’s so many little movies and tests with blenderheads finding solutions to these kind of problems, so it might be possible.
I just wouldn’t make it seem so easy to make such an animation as the wraith of the lich king trailer.

Just because we could be able to do it in blender doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be problems when designing it or applying it.
I mean, that stuff also has to be thought out, planned out, done, see what works and what doesn’t, change stuff, redo stuff etc. We’re just sitting here saying yeah we can do that, but we forget we already know exactly what it should look like because the friggin movie allready exists! And don’t forget, though orange and peach are cool, they didn’t have the limitation of a well defined universe/story.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, this is our second thread this week comparing Blender to commercial 3d apps. Keep it going and maybe we can make it to 10 by the end of the month. I can’t get enough of this, keep it coming!

All jokes aside, it has to do with the studio pipeline, and ease of use. To do something like that with all of the particles would take years with a team of people. Software like Houdini 3d are much, much more suited to this kind of task. Even though the updated particle system is nice, Houdini waaay outranks any 3d software in terms of particles, and vfx. All that breaking ice, snow, and shards would take tons of power and a lot of tweaking with Blender. Blender is not the only 3d app, and it certainly isn’t the best at everything.

It goes without saying that video was not made by one individual. Often these studios have programmers to do what the software wasn’t designed to do out of the box. Blender also has a Python API, so it would seem that it could have easily been used. Of course, the question is why the big studios aren’t using it.

who ever said they weren’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

They aren’t. Name one major studio that uses Blender.

There is a crowd simulator like massive for Blender called Blender people. And it is kick ass.

Also, if you want an internal solution, the boids particle solution should do the job too.

why isn’t the crowd simulator integrated into the SVN version of blender?

The crowd simulator is an external Blender tool. It uses MySQL as its database. Harkyman said that he may be looking to integrate it in Blender though. Just check the info and animation here: http://www.harkyman.com/bp.html
It would be cool if some you walk the walk and test Blenderpeople because Harkyman was looking for feedback.

Blizzard has been using 3DS / 3DS MAX since they started with cinematics. And I am pretty sure they don’t write any additional extensions (they probably just buy plugins :stuck_out_tongue: ).
The question is how many people do they have working on cinematics. I know they have a department that does cinematics only.
I wonder if anyone has a DVD with behind the scenes footage…
Wow, just checked their website and they dropped the price o_O it used to be $29

Watching a BBB,Durian making of would do the same.Anyways
here 's what you are looking for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL9BshG6jVc

Blender doesn’t do that because it ain’t gonna make a game aimed at brainless, skipping school kiddo’s.

MrNoodle, I watched that sneak peek looong time ago :wink: but thanks for posting it here.

ChevyVanDudeG20, if you have nothing good to say, please be quiet!

Not even other commercial studios with the same tools can do that stuff quite like blizzard… -_-’ Skills and resources far outweigh the tools question. (time is a resource too ;))

why don’t all of us create a blender studio?

we can show them the true power of blender! :stuck_out_tongue: