Why Blender have no Add-ons online management?

Why Blender have no Add-ons online management ?
like Wordpress add-ons management, we can searching online addons , download , install , and update addons ,just in one place.

Because someone has to do it for it to exist and nobody has. Guessing other things get prioritized and I haven’t seen anyone pushing for it.

Actually I would like to build one, I have been sketching ideas for it. That would be my next add-on. any devs want to talk about it, let me know. However this is a quite involved project, needs backend, frontend, lots of server space and bandwidth.


Good News ! But I thought this add-on build by Blender foundation for developer sales and easily searching ,download, buy, install, update add-on, should not build by users.

Yep, I’m also haven’t seen anymore pushing for it .

But for developer sales and blender development , I thought this is top priority, that is like App Store (Apple), Unity Asset Store, Google app store.