Why Blender quits without a chance to save

Why does Blender quit without asking when you hit the close button. I know this sounds a bit like a stupid question, but have you ever meant to resize or minimize a program and then mistakenly closed it?

Its strange that when you delete an object, blender will ask you if you want to delete it, even though you can undo this action if you didnt mean to. In fact , I find this rather annoying. Just delete the thing already. If I change mind I will undo it. These little things (same as selecting verts, ploys etc) have been made two step processes instead of one.

Seems contradictory when I am asking for a two step process to quit blender. But consider the number of times you have to perform these other actions when working versus the number of times you have to quit blender. And you see how many keystrokes you save in your Blender lifetime :slight_smile:

Now when you close your program you cant undo this , so I would think that would be a more important place to ask.

And no, I havent lost any work or anything like that. Just wondering why this would be a feature.

Completely agree. Silly for delete to take more work than quiting, especially since we have Undo now. I think if you hit Q, it will ask before quiting, but not if you click the close gadget. I think I HAVE lost work.

Dangerous behaviour. “Always let the user change their minds - once.”

I agree as well, but there have been steps taken to keep one from losing his work. If you look under the “File” menu you’ll see an option that says “Recover Last Session” Every time you close blender it automatically saves whatever you’re working on into a temporary file that can be recovered.

However, I still think blender should have a dialogue that asks if you want to save when you are quitting the program. There should also be a checkbox that says “Do not ask this again” for those blender users who wish to go back to the old functionality.

Why Blender quits without a chance to save?

Clever coding! It’s an attempt to force you to keep your mind on what you’re doing without the help of that pesky, windoze nanny-cat.


As long as you’re setup so that works. I usually forget to set the temp directory for awhile and so it doesn’t work. Or if it does, I can’t find where it sticks it.

There should also be a checkbox that says “Do not ask this again” for those blender users who wish to go back to the old functionality

Good point

I’m glad to know I am not the only one wondering about this.

It’s a question which is asked very regularly. Some people desperately want it, others desperately don’t. General consensus seems to support implementing it as an option but as yet, it hasn’t happened.

For me, “recover last session” has never worked. I have, however, found the “quit.blend” file and managed to open that.

Its funny I was just talking to a friend about this the othere day. It is really backwards for a mac user. On a mac Command+S is save and Command+W will close the current window but not quit the app. in Blender Control+W is Save. So if your a mac user it feels really strange and out of place to hit the W-key to save. I can live with the "Control instead of the Command but why W and not S?

I stand corrected both Control+S and Control+W will save files.

Kerry27: If you are in Edit Mode, you can save only with ctrl-w since ctrl-s activates shear.