Why Blender Should Be In Mac App Store

I haven’t used the App Store (I don’t use OSX much, so haven’t updated beyond 10.5.6) but when it was announced there was this article on Engadget, with an overview of the App Store review guidelines.

6.3 Apps that do not use system provided items, such as buttons and icons, correctly and as described in the Apple Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines will be rejected.

I’m not sure if that’s saying apps will be rejected if they use system provided icons incorrectly, or if apps that don’t use system provided icons at all will be rejected.

If it’s the latter, then Blender probably won’t be able to make it into the Store.

But apart from that I’m all for it being in the App Store. I original discovered Blender while browsing the ‘Downloads’ section of the Apple website (which they’re now apparently taking down as the App Store replaces it) so can see that having it listed in the App Store could help draw in new users.

I don’t think that apply at all, just download the most used app Twitter. It looks like this.

Yikes, lots of misinformation here! I don’t see any good reasons why Blender shouldn’t be on the Mac App Store. It presents a really streamlined way of discovering and installing apps. We’d have to provide a fat binary though (32 bit & 64 bit) but that’s quite easy.

it’s only a matter of time until it’s there I suspect.

Problem is that Blender is licensed and has components that are licensed under GPL V2. At least there are 2 known cases of apps being pulled off the mac app store by Apple (MobileVLC and Gnu GO), due the fact that Apple has decided that they prefer to impose their proprietary legal terms on all programs in the App Store, and they would rather kick out GPL software than change their own rules to allow them with no legal problems (in the US at least).

The problem in this case is a legal one. One of the GPL points conflicts directly with the terms of service of the MAC app store, and it can open a nasty can of worms. Again, at least in the US.

Not so sure you’d even need to do that, I don’t think that OS X 10.6.x runs on 32bit or PPC.

Maybe someone should ask on a Blender mailing list about what the devs think.

Basically from what I can tell, the mac app store is like the repository front ends on different linux systems,
although perhaps the ubuntu app store is the best example, where I’m pretty sure blender’s already available,
it just makes finding apps easier, and you can be sure that they come from a trusted source,
I say go for it if there aren’t any issues caused by licensing, like bloody hell…

The Mac app store isn’t a package manager; Packages almost certainly don’t have common dependencies (Two packages depending on another package, say a library), or for that matter any dependencies at all, so libraries needed for an app are probably bundled, which is pretty lame.
Also, Blender is offered in pretty much any major Linux distro’s repositories.

quite many apps inside the mac store do use their own interface design and thus do not 100% follow apples interface guide line.

I have no real clue about the GPL Blender uses and what Apple allows

But being in the Store certainly would enable Blender more exposure. However question is who uses the store and would a professional
consider the store to search for a product for a certain need?

This article seems strangely relevant to the conversation at hand:

so Apple is not able to list free software as free without putting them under their DRM?

Isnt that an oximoron GPL and DRM ???

This article is referring to the app store for iOS devices, not the Mac App Store this thread is talking about.
Whether the new app store applies drm to all its software is something else.

It is funny people still talking about ios as ffs blender is NOT an IOs application. Really I’m beginning to think some just are posting these things because of bad faith…

Not for gpl v2. Really it is from the start the fsf where searching for something to get apple because although they dont use their weight to introduce own standards they are seen as the anti christ

  • first it was the fact that to be gpl compliant you may not attach your own clause - apple changed that
  • then it was drm but that made sense for gpl 2v apps so revoked apps where put back on th itunes store
  • now they found something new the “you can redownload the app 5 times” part

And when they change that they will find something else. If i see the reaction from one of the the developefs in the trend of “i dont care for Idevice users” this has nothing todo with freedom or the good for society but just hatred…

Double post


to the last remark, it wasn’t actually Apple removing VLC but Rémi Denis-Courmont (VLC dev.) pulling it from app store.

I just hope it get there, there’s tons of people not knowing what blender is at all.

actually apple are the one how removed it because he complained about theme not following the gpl so apple had to eather remove it or change there own app store policy…

Instead of ranting, and raving about how ‘amazing’ it would be to have Blender on the Apples store, and how it would bring in lots of new people (Why is this so important?), why not go make some exceptionally good art work, and spread the word around on your website/ blogs etcetera.

That way people can actually see what Blender is capable of in talented hands, that will surely attract more people, but people who can actually contribute to the community, and development.

focus on the bold part, please:

thats what I was more focused on, there. :wink:

Sure, I do agree that it would be nice if the app store could also silently check for dependencies,
but I think for now the above mentioned point is a good reason in it self, too.

I just hope it get there, there’s tons of people not knowing what blender is at all.

Tons of people from OSX’s 5% market share :stuck_out_tongue:

*yes I own 2 Macs.