Why Blender takes 5 sec to load while 2.7 did in a blink of an eye?

Not much to complain really still I love how old Blender did it instantly whatever many addons you had checked in.

How could I figure out what causes the slow down or it’s just a way it is now and nothing could be done?

Some seconds are normal. Afaik 2.8 has more refined add-on support, that takes up the startup time a bit.

3dsmax takes minimum 60 sec to load. This is not a problem.

Also, along with what the others have said…the newer add-ons ( not all ) are now parsing the net for up-dates and depending on how many you have installed it can take a very long start-up as web speeds and connections all take time to get feedback… make sure that if you have any installed…de-select check for updates to speed up start-up time.


Looks like it’s the source of the issue. Thanks for the hint.

3dmax is a pain in ass for sure.

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