Why Blender2.8 OUTLINE cannot onece Click multi object in list

i feel that feature very important.

just once click like Maya or Max Outline multi-object .

i want know if your create a lot Cube Cocept object… one by one use shift click manage your object? too tired,waste time.

i hope select cube.001 - cube.005 , onece click in Outline. not 3D VIEW.

Trying to understand. What does

cannot onece Click


i think he wants to select the first object, press shift, select a second object and all objects inbetween get selected like in any other 3d program


I would use left click drag without wait input for box select instead of B in outliner.
Two other shortcuts would be necessary to complete operator to execute three modes (New, Add, Substract).

Already mentioned here:


It’s a high priority todo.


Thanks… Enjoy Blender… Thank Devlopment… ,I already recomend Blender for my friend…

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