Why bm.select_history does not work with edge loop select?

If I select vertex by vertex, this code works:

bm = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(myobject.data)
vertices = bm.select_history

But if I use edge loop select, the vertices array has only one vertex.

Why?, How can I get the same result if the user select the edge loop?

I could read all vertices and check if select or not, but I want to know the order or maybe I need to recalculate the vertices order using the edges (check which vertex is linked to the next one)

does this help?

Yes, it helps because it gave me a new idea. I have used edges and from edges I get vertex.

Only manual selection of geometry elements adds to select_history, operators such as box or lasso select don’t (actually, I think none of the selection operators does, because there is no clear “order” in which to add them to select history).

Yes, this is something I have discovered. Finally, I have used a different approach for my problem. Anyway, thanks for your help (again :slight_smile: )