Why bones that are connected with offset haven't a pivot rotation point?

If I use the skeleton of Rigify, the bones that are connected keeping offset, can rotate with their own pivot point. Instead, if I add bones by myself and I parent them keeping offset (selecting the child first, and the parent after), it doesn’t rotate with a pivot point, but it just moves if I drag it in pose mode.

This is super hard to understand, please clarify

I have an armature, that comes from Rigify plugin, so it is an already pre-made armature. It has some bones that aren’t connected physically, but they have that non-continuous line that connect them because they’re connected with offset, like clavicles and arms, or butt and hips.
In Pose Mode, if I rotate the “separated” (connected with offset) bones, like the upperarms or the upperlegs, they rotate correctly, meaning that if I drag them they rotate like all the other bones, using their heads as pivot point.

But, when I add a new bone in the armature, like, for a ponytail, and I connect it to the head’s bone keeping the offset (CTRL+P > Keep Offset), when I go in Pose Mode and I try to rotate it, dragging it with the mouse like the other bones, it doesn’t rotate, but it just moves, like having no pivot point to rotate around. I can’t understand what is the difference between my bones and the ones supplied by Rigify, that rotate correctly.

Post a screen shot of the bone selected and your transforms. Sounds like you didn’t lock your location transforms.

Ok, that’s normal behaviour, click+drag translates - unless translate values are locked like stilltrying said. On many occasions you also want your bones to be able to translate, to I wouldn’t recommend locking them systematically, but anyway locked transforms is what is causing your issue.

Oh many thanks, understood, then I’ll try to add a constraint. :slight_smile: