Why "box/polygon" model, then sculpt, then retopo?

When you can dynamic-sculpt from the start without wasting time on making model out of quads, if the sculpted model has to be retopologized anyway? Or have I misunderstood something?

Box model to define volume and form. (Some primitives can be a bit slower to start with just pulling them out using purely the sculpt tools.) Think of it as making your lump of clay in the shape near that of the intended final sculpt. If you’re going to sculpt, this doesn’t need to be detailed either. Generic shape and that’s it. Potential to save a lot of time, depending on the final model shape.

Sculpt for definition and detail. Should be obvious enough.

Retopo… Sculpting as currently implemented puts everything in tris. Tris don’t tend to work well with other things like smoothing and can present some difficulty with vertex weighting affecting deformation in rigs. So retopo is getting almost everything into quads, as computers and software algorithms aren’t quite there to do it “automagically”. :wink:

really? a bit weird considering software is good enoguh to detect sharp edges, make quads out of random mess and make loops that slides along the topology without deforming it, but not capable of doing all three actions together :c

about boxing then sculpting - i don’t have much experience, but some stuff is indeed very hard to sculpt without making a low poly shape first because the model may have soem surfaces than needs to be of certain size and at certain angles relatively to each other and that will be so much easier to achieve in edit mode.