Why camera change size


Very often after I have rendering F10 and going back to F9 the camera have change size to a very small on.

Please, can you advice me wath to do.
Thank you


I think that you meant that rendering was F12 getting back to the main UI was F11…
This being said you are right and I can tell you that scaling the camera here has no effect but ill effects. I never thought of scaling the camera before though and I have no clue at to what is the problem.
You could report the bug because it seems to me that it is one, of sorts.

Thank you for reply.

Very interesting, probly there is a bug, I try to find the bug report tread

thank you

Let me just check in a fresh SVN if it has been reported and corrected since the release of 2.47. I am building a debug version right now. Should know for sure in an hour or so.

usually i add an empty to the camear and sometimes when changng the position of the camera the scale of the camera changes
i had this problem for a long time
but not certain exactly when or how it’s doing this !
let us know if any correction will be one soon


OK, verified in SVN
I just went ahead ans filed the bug report.
(There were only 4 reports in it !)

We’ll see.

I am using Imac leopard and Blender 2.47. Yesterday I try to uppgrade to 2.48, but I can not find the version for mac users, maybe that can solv the problem.

Soon 2.50 is here, and less bugs.

Thanks for helping.

2.48 is not out yet.

I have no reason to believe that 2.50 will do anything to keep Blender bug free… OTOH Blender is quite stable as a fairly healthy application. Even when there is a bug it never is a show stopper. For example, you could select your camera in the Outliner and hit the Skey then confirm with the Space Bar to get back your bigger camera after rendering. It is a workaround, it is unpleasant but it certainly doesn’t keep you from enjoying the good application that it is.

I try this with Outliner and S.
Thank you.

Aligorith confirmed the bug but he also came out with the proper way to change the drawing size of the camera, something I myself overlooked for years.
In the Camera panel of the edit button there is a Size spinner button that will set the size of the camera for good.

See ?

The bug has been corrected by Ton and is now in SVN so all should be fine in version 2.48.