Why camera movement slows down viewport?

Here’s a video clip showing the issue. As you can see the viewport fps goes to max as soon as camera stops moving. I dont have any DoF or camera culling enabled here.

It also occurs while Im navigating through the scene while in camera view. If i just navigating around the scene without camera view everything goes smoothly.

Because of the flicker there seems to be any sort of camera projection or geometry involved moving with the camera…

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Thanks. There was indeed some rotation constraint involved. Even If I disable those objects in viewport it doesnt help that much with the fps. I wonder how to optimize that.

The constraint probably causes to update lots of objects, which may trigger some further data updates. I can see lots of individual instances being updated in the background.

For this kind of tiny shot, do you really need to reorient planes towards the camera every frame by such a small amount, instead of picking average camera location and have them pointing there without moving?

Alternatively, if it’s a modifier or something, you can turn it off for viewport and have it evaluated only when rendering.

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