Why can i not get simple scripts to run in blender?

(Appolonius) #1

:frowning: I have windows 98…blender 2.23 and python 2.0 and the python20.dll…
When i try to run any script it tells me there is an error cant fint this or that… The “hello” script works… Any ideas what im doing wrong?
thanks .

(Schlops) #2

You need to set the PYTHONPATH-environment-variable: http://www.janw.gothere.uk.com/pythoninstall.html

(rwv01) #3

Once you know what your Python path is in Windows you have to tell Blender.

  1. Load Blender and pull down the Info window at the top.

  2. Click the Python button on the left.

  3. Enter the correct path for the Python lib file on your hard drive

      ex. C:\Python22\lib  
  4. Replace Info window and save user defaults (Ctrl + U).

(Appolonius) #4

:smiley: wow thanks tons :smiley: