Why can I see my geometry when rendered?

Hello, I have a problem where I am making a low poly model (one of my first) and when I render I get these ugly scratchy lines where you can see the polys are. I tried to smooth it out, shade smooth, added loops around the area, and recalculated normals and I can’t get it to disappear. Is this something I just have to deal with because I can’t subdivide it, it needs to stay low poly. Thanks


renderissue.blend (1.49 MB)

The arm looks like split edges

They’re definitely not split apart though, there are also no doubles…

If you look closer at different angles you can see large portions of the mesh, anyone know how to fix this?

Attach a .blend

Which renderer are you using? Some images don’t look that good on my tablet, so it’s hard to tell.

Have you checked the normals?

As mentioned, attach a blend for a better chance of finding the problem, but it kind of looks like internal faces to me.

There we go I posted the file, I also cleared sharp edges. The only thing I could imagine is that it’s because I added higher poly hands and feet and they’re not connecting properly to the body because I was going to start retopologizing them but even when i get rid of them they’re still there…I bet it’s something so simple I’m just not understanding haha

I’ll look at it more later, have to go to work now, but for some reason it’s drawing the wires in a ghost like way. Removing all the materials didn’t affect it so I think it’s something to do with the mesh itself.

Add a subsurf modifier. it fixes it right up.

I tried that this morning and it was still there when zoomed in. I just saw more lines.

just add a subsurf

or do some verts mooth

it seems to correct the mesh and render well

you should have begun this with subsuf to have smooth surfaces

happy cycles


Isolating hand by hiding the rest of the vertices and using LoopTools Smooth on vertical loops might help… if that was a hand which shows mesh on render.
Also, cycles doesn’t like orthographic view, iirc. I might be wrong, but see if that is not the case.

Since you want to keep it low poly select the offending edge loops one by one and subdivide them. it will add extra vertices only and it will look better.


I believe you are in this case at least, the lines appear even with the subsurf when in ortho. I wasn’t aware of that fact.

@Eppo what do you mean with this ortho or perspec mode
is it for viewport or rendering

in viewport i dont really see any difference in perspec or ortho mode
seem the same on my screen!

i must stay that i almost never work in perspective mode
when you move viewport it too difficult to control it
so i prefer to stay in ortho mode anyway!


That was while ago when this difference was present - most likely corrected for now. However while looking at subsurfed a bit flattened cube loooks like level 4 at least is needed in order not to see faces on half shadowed object.

is this for rendering or only in viewport ?

if in render then have to reset the camera for ortho mode!