Why can`t File Output node save renders/files?

Hi there,

I’m struggling for days now to get output written in files from renders.
I use different view layers and want to have them as seperate files.
But the file output just doesn’t seem to work. I tried different drives/folders/file formats and so on…
I am able to save the files manually, but I can`t do that 500x times for an animation.

Has anyone an idea, what I am missing here?

Thank you

First of all, rendering to output in Blender is messy compared to other 3d applications. (batch render anyone?)
Second, I’m pretty sure you cannot render like that and must set up both files separate for rendering, with a filename as well to boot.
It will not take the name of the render layer.

I come frome max/vray/deadline and it is quite a challenge to get into the blender-rendering…
I will give it a try!

I feel your pain, it still baffles me Blender rendering is stuck in the 90’s…

Hi Jack,

this works for me.
file-output.blend (163.1 KB)

Thank you very much.
I appended all my stuff and it worked.
It also worked to clear the whole compositor nodes (there were a lot more) and rebuild it the same way…
Don’t know why, but it worked.

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