Why Can't I Access Blendernation?

I’m sorry for one of these threads. :o
I know, I’m supposed to get a life, but this is what I do when my life gets boring, or I need a break. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to access Blendernation for a week (both Blendernation directly, and through Blender.org) . I have been holding off posting a thread, but no one else seems to be having any problems accessing pages from it. I want to read all the stuff people are talking about!

Are any of you also experiencing this, or am I the only one? :frowning:
If anyone could shed light on this I would appreciate it.

Am I really the only one? :frowning:

No problem here.
Sometimes your DNS cache may become corrupted, so,
From cmd prompt type:
ipconfig /flushdns
then hit enter
then type:
ipconfig /registerdns
hit enter again

It won’t hurt and might help.

Thanks for the help, but that didn’t work. :frowning:

Ah maybe that helped me out for getting connection to lycos.de.

EDIT - hang on, not right :frowning: give me a min

You could try

If that doesn’t work, then you’ve got problems other than the DNS. If it does, it’s the DNS, so you could try opendns: http://www.opendns.com

Thanks, but that doesn’t work either (the IP address that is). This is really mystifying.

BTW, here is some more info:
the error is Connection Timeout
pinging it doesn’t work (100% loss to timeout)

I would think its just because the server has to much traffic or something, but then it should probably affect other people. It is strange that this has happened for an entire week.

Yeah, the IP add doesn’t work here either. Mustn’t have its own IP add.

Still, what do you get when you do “nslookup blendernation.com” on your command line? Should give that IP address.

I get time outs when pinging as well, still I can access the site with no problems. nslookup works as well, Hmmm?

I get the same one as you.

I’ve tried accessing this from an internet cafe. It Works.

Just a wild guess…
Any reference to blendernation in your windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file?, if so get rid of it. (you can use notepad).

Good luck, I’m out of ideas save maybe call your ISP tech service and see if they have any problems reaching the site, if they do, then they have the dns problem (if that is what it is).


Now THATS odd. I’d go with pixelmass’ idea, it’s the only thing I can think of.

Unless… some kind of really odd firewall setting?

No cigars.
Thanks for all you help though. :slight_smile:
I just wish that it had worked. :frowning:
Maybe I’ll try that OpenDNS.

Shouldn’t matter if you’re getting the right IP address.

You got another computer in the house/can you borrow a laptop? Then you could see if it’s your place of connection or your PC. (or if you’re on a laptop, tried connecting elsewhere?)

Wow, I tried the google wifi and it worked! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Thanks a bunch!

An acceptable workaround for now, I just wish I could figure out why it isn’t working through my regular connection.

No worries mate. Still odd though.

You could call your ISP and complain :slight_smile:

egan, you’re not alone. I cannot get to there from my work PC, and haven’t since I’ve started here. I can get there fine from home. I don’t know what the problem is. I can ping it and it finds the right IP in the DNS, but the pings don’t get there. Frustrating. I need to talk to our IT guy about it, but we’re not on the best of terms just now. (I know… a dangerous state to be in :slight_smile: ) However, its likely an ISP issue, as stated above, and not anything he can do about it.

Well, for some reason, I can access it today on my regular connection, but pinging still times out.
Quite, quite strange, but at least I can read the news now (and use a 100 mbps connection instead of a 2 mbps one ;))

I had the same problem for a couple of days, but yesterday it just started working correctly.