why can't I add a photo to my post?

Help I need to add a photo to my post! And it won’t let me do it. Any ideas why would be really helpful. Thanks!

How are you trying to add a photo, by adding a link to a hosted image or attaching an image ?
What is the dimensions and size of the photo ? There are file size restrictions.
What is the format of the image ? There are file type restrictions for attached images

What operating system and browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser ?


I had the same issue. I tried to upload pictures but it never uploaded the picture.
I had this issue with Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7.

I tried on Firefox and it worked perfectly.
So it seems to be linked to the browser.

http://www.hergoods.info/avatar3.jpgHelp I need to add a photo to my post! And it won’t let me do it.

Larkin, in your case, your mostly likely having trouble because your post count is less than 10 (a spam-prevention measure we’ve added to this forum). If you still have troubles after your post count increases, report your post to the moderation team or send one of us a PM.

I have twenty plus posts. I follow the link from the FAQ to the page that is supposed to have the Album link. I can’t see it. Where on the page is it supposed to be?
I also can’t access the calendar.

The Calendar and albums are not currently implemented.

Actually, Fweeb, his problem is that he is a spam bot. Check out his posts, they’re all duplicates of previous posts in each respective thread (with a bogus image link preceding them). He’s not alone, either.

The avatar3.jpg spam. We got a lot spam of the same style recently. There is a .png floating around as well.

Ah! Good catch! Thanks! Report 'em when you see 'em.