Why can't I create an edge here?

The goal is to fill in this area with a face. But I can’t make an edge between the two selected vertices. Are there restraints that I don’t know about? The view from the right seems to show an edge but if I set the 3D view to display solids there is nothing there.


Upload your blend file to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/

this is a dumb question, but you are using the “F” key to make edge, correct? perhaps make sure there are no dupe verts sitting on top of each other. do you use backface culling?

Sorry about the blend file thing…

@crono782 - yep, I’m using the “F” key; I’ve checked for duplicate verts and recalculated normals; I haven’t done anything with culling.

I had most verts hidden and was looking for a problem that showed up in a render (a different area). That’s when I found this spot where a face should have been created.


edge.blend (488 KB)

It is created. It’s just hidden.


Meh, too short post. I’ll continue with a few words about topology.

Easiest way to cut a hole like that would be to rotate the UV sphere 90° and just delete the topmost faces. But you can explore by cutting it differently.

From left:
Original, manual, looptools.

  • Original has many n-gons in it.
    To make a perimeter loop around the hole edge and to prevent ngons (and possibly cleaning them later on) I made the hole with two different ways

  • Manual:
    in the front view, I counted how many vertices has to go to a circle to define a hole and best line up with the closest sphere vertices. Then I added a circle with that amount of vertices and moved it on to the sphere surface and joined the two together.
    I then deleted 3/4 of the sphere and the circle and added a mirror modifier. I used vertex snapping to snap the closest sphere vertices to the circle. Then, beveled the hole edge to get an perimeter loop and merged two vertices to get a continuous loop.

  • Looptools:
    in the front view I selected the center vertex, then faces around it and grew the selection with ctrl + np_+ until the selection was near the imaginary hole. Then I used the inset tool to extrude those faces in. I deleted the faces inside that face loop and then selected those edge loops around the hole (that were blocky still) and used looptools -> circle to round them. The edges needed a bit of rotation after that.


There is no such thing as a dumb question. :no:

@JA12 - Thanks for the response. Good explaination and you’ve given me some things to ponder and learn from. Really appreciate it.

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i should’ve said “mildy rhetorical” :wink: