Why can't I delete right hand?


Another newby question. I’m having real problems weight painting a left hand. The skin keeps flying in all directions.

When I tried to strip my model down the left hand alone, I found I couldn’t delete the skin of the right forearm and hand. They seem to be locked somehow to the left hand. I’ve got x Axis mirroring turned off.

Might this be the cause of my weight painting hassles, and how do I fix it please?

I’ve tried to add an attachment, but the upload doesn’t show in my attachment list, so I’ll post, and try to add attachment in next post.



Darn uploader won’t upload files on first posting apparently.


Wolf 4 temp.blend (812 KB)

You have a mirror modifier active, so the right hand is created by the mirroring of the left hand and then can’t be deleted.
Delete the mirror modifier and the right hand will disappear
Or apply the mirror modifier and you can delete the hand manually.

Sigh, OK I’m dumb, the skin had a mirror modifier on it, that I thought was overridden because I’d unchecked every other instance of mirroring. Sorry.

However, my next question is, why can’t I rotate ANY of the bones in the hand. Even when i create a new armature, it won’t rotate. Using the latest beta release.

… you are in pose mode right? ctrl+Tab