Why can't I parent armatures?

I have created a hand rig, but when it comes time to parent the top finger bone to the main hand, I don’t have the option to choose any of the bones, the list is just empty.
Can anyone help?

Are all the bones part of the same Armature???
Are all the bones visible in the same bone layer??
Which was the first bone you created??

No, each finger is seperate… …do they all need to be part of the same one?
They are all on the same layer and the hand was created first. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

do they all need to be part of the same one?

It’ll make your life a lot easier. An Object can have only one Parent, but it can use multiple Modifiers. In this case you would need to add an Armature Modifier for each seperate Bone to the same Mesh. If all Bones were part of the same Armature then a single Armature Modifier would do the trick.


Hit CTRL+J to join the bones.

Hey, that worked thanks a lot! I’ve been working on rigging a hand and arm using Lyubomir Kovachev’s ‘Rigging a hand and a foot tutorial’. I’ve been having some big problems though. Does anyone know of an alternative tutorial for rigging and animating a hand? I think starting again mighht help…

Okay so I’ve persevered with the same tutorial. The next problem is that when I try to set up the IK problem solver described in fig. 38 of the tutorial the rig just goes… …weird…
The tutorial I’m following is at http://www.blender.org/documentation/htmlI/x7613.html can anyone offer any more help please? My thanks. :eek:


set up the IK problem solver

That would be a neat tool. It’s actually an IK-Solver; the Solution of a Contiguous Chain is solved relative to that Bone. In the Constraint tab set the Chainlength value to the number of bones you want in that chain. A value of zero will solve it all the way to the Root bone if it finds contiguous bone parents all the way to the root.


Gahh! Confusion!! Is there a better/alternative way of rigging a hand? My thanks for your continued interest.
(I wish there was such a thing as a problem solver - I could just press the button and it would fix my crappy rigging!!!)

Here is the wiki page (its towards the bottom):