Why can't I put in a background image after I've moved away from the top view?

So I’m looking at my object from an ngle, after I go away from the original camera position. And I then try to bring in a background image. How do i open a few new windows to immediately go into side and front views, while beign able to open a background image?

Im not entirely sure what you want but blender for some reason dosent like displaying a background image in anything other than the plan or side views. If you move into a 3d view it dissapears. Simply press num 7 on num pad for plan view, num 1 for front view and num 3 for side view. … 1 might be side and 3 might be front. always confuse those two. That’s my understanding of this topic anyway.

I’m trying to select it, and it’s not working for me.