Why cant i save blend to .jpg ?

i open render presets panel, set to jpeg image , set ntsc, shadows, ect, then hit render icon in the same options panel, i have tried to save after a blend by hitting file icon in panel, then being brought into files and filling in info, c/programfiles/blenderstuff,[ an example] then subject, - landscape image .jpg . I have also tried it the other way filling in the file name in presets panel, doing render then clicking on file with name- landscape image. jpg in render panel, going into files to accept, accepting & nothing happens- it does not go where i save it to, blenderstuff file. i know i am doing something wrong, can anyone see what it is? the tute im following says to hit f-3 in blend panel, my laptop does not recognize the command or f-12 either anymore, maybe enable numpad disabled f -commands. does anyone know the save equivilant of f-3. thank you for all your help!

In the window that displays your render, on the bottom left just under the window there is the word “image” click on it then save it.

I think the render only outputs via the file path if you are doing animation.

Well Rich, you hit that nail on the head! the whole time it was in that weasely little image button. thats where f-3 was hiding, and as that tv chef guy says “BAM”! its on my desktop.
Thanks so much for your help. bs.