Why can't I Texture paint on my object?

Painting with the Fill tool did work, but the brush won’t paint.
Could anyone inspect my .blend file please and see what is the problem?

Thanks guys

DPCTexturePaintingNOTworking.blend (848.5 KB)

What is the history of the .blend file? You started the project in a previous version of Blender, and then you started having the problem in a new version?

I don’t know exactly what the problem is, not sure if this is a problem with brush settings. But if you delete brush and you create a new one, it seems to work again.

If no other user knows exactly what the problem is, perhaps you should report this by sharing the .blend file and talking about the history of this blend file.

In the brush texture setting, you have a black texture. Remove it and the brush works again.

The texture there is used to affect your brush to paint detail faster. It was affecting by multiplying your brush setting by 0 (black is 0) canceling it.

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Nope! Same file from 2.82 (at least 2.81.xx)

Not for me :frowning:

Finally! Thank you so much MWF :slight_smile: