Why can't some bezier points by made automatic or alligned?

Hi folks,

I’ve spent a day on bezier curves and the editing thereof and i’m starting to get my head around it!

Quick question: Imagine this:

I create a curve loop, apply a bevel modifier to it, convert to mesh (in order to “apply” it), then convert back to a curve.

Now i go back into edit mode. It looks just like a curve with points, but i can’t change the handle type to anything else.

Normally i’d press V, then “automatic” but it does nothing. Same with “Alligned”. Any ideas why this might be?


When you convert from mesh to curve Blender by default uses the “poly” spline type. You can change to bezier or nurbs in edit mode. In the “curve” menu, “set spline type”.
Note: you have to have at least one vert selected for it to work, it will change the whole curves spline type not just the selected vert.

Aha, great, thanks!