Why Can't We Be Friends - Short film (Coming Soon)


I am working on my first short animated movie entitled Why Can’t We Be Friends! The pipeline of this production is based completely on the open-source applications (mainly Blender).

Wow, so far this looks stunning! Great job! I will be sure to keep my eye open for the final product!

me too! :slight_smile:

Thank you.

can’t wait until it is actually a finished project :wink:

This is hopefully another reason for people to use blender! Looks really just like a pixar movie !

Looking very nice pavlik! Is that blender fur? Are you using blender 2.49 or 2.5 for the production? Looking forward to see more stuff!

Thanks everyone!

Completely in blender 2.5 :wink:

awesome!!! can’t wait to see the final short!!! keep it up!

AWESOME WORK!!! Looks so stunning. Please share your material settings for the character, im looking for some settings to make a character so “toony” as yours, please :blush:

Looking nice ;).

amazing !!!

Thank you guys! I appreciate that.

I am glad you like it :slight_smile: I will write a tutorial as soon as it will be finished because I am going to make some slight adjustments on the shaders to achieve a better look. Stay tuned.
But I could say to you few tips:

-I am always using Cubic interpolation option on the shading tab - I think it gives more plastic results.
-Dont be afraid to layer different shaders in the node editor.
-Play with the nodes, they can be VERY useful.
-Lighting is also part of the look, so focus on the lamps around the object, increase their intensity, position, types, etc, play with them!
-In this book Advanced RenderMan: Creating CGI for Motion Pictures in chapter 13 is great study of Storytelling through lighting by Sharon Calahan (Pixar)

Hope it helps a little - more will be in the Making of Why Can’t We Be Friends.

thx so much :slight_smile: will stay tuned and check for uppdates :wink: Will check that link up also :slight_smile: thx :smiley:

i love hammy already!