"Why can't we be friends?"

My latest blender work.
I’m not really happy with the final effect, but who cares :wink:

The work ,lighting, modeling …superb…

Ok…this would be better if the titan were replaced with a zebra or something. I like the titan…it just does not fit in.

And the lion stance looks he is going to attack amd creep out on the titan. I would not like to atttack a titan. lol.

But great work! Top notch. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the moon/planet in the background. If the lion were something less terrestrial, it may not be such an issue in my head. The ogre looks pretty good (especially well-lit), but doesn’t seem to have the same level of expressiveness that the lion does.

This is very, very close. Everything I’m mentioning is mostly nitpicks, but hopefully they’re helpful.

nice.in my opinion the lion should have his teeth snarling.

Beautiful modelling (specially for the lion) and awesome lighting and colors.

great concept-

somehow i only noticed that that was a watering hole / puddle second or third time i looked at it though- duno maybe making it bigger would help

the models and background are pretty well done - good job

Awesome, awesome work. No critiques from me. Excellent.

This is fantastic! I have a couple nitpicks myself, though. The image could be cropped at the top because seeing all that sky isn’t really neccesary and an be distracting from the lion and troll, and I think the trolll should have his hands up so you couldn’t mistake him to be reaching for the axe instead of putting it down. This is a really great piece of work, though! I’d really like to know how you made those amazing trees in the background, also. You’ve also done a really good job with the grass - I assume that it was done with Blender’s new particle system?

Great work!

Thanks for comments :slight_smile:
Grass was made with Fiber script. Particles give to thin blades while rendering in bigger resolutions.
Trees were made with LSystem script.
Only lions mane and some hair on troll are made with new blender particles.

Well, I wouldn`t attack a titan, troll or anybody like that, either :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I think the lion is afraid of attacking rather than going to. He seems to think “Oh my dear! Something so huge in my area… I should put an end to it… And what should I do, on Earth?!” :smiley:

i liked it.it looks good.

:o top-notch! However, I agree with critiques on ambiguous troll’s pose and that planet-thing, it really does not work here for me…

ow mom :expressionless: