why can't we do this in blender?

i’ve seen this video

can can we not do that with blender? is it hard?
can someone make an app that works like that app?
1.print out a grid on a piece of paper
2. pre-render the scene and export it
a. isolate a single mesh and render it in a background
3. then load the file into a tablet with front camera
4. then depending on the view compared to the paper, the app provides a view of the mesh

what i think is that it can be rendered as a video with 2 points on the grid(on opposite corners to show how close is the camera to the paper) 1 green, 1 red, then with threshold coloring, they can view the mesh

i think this would really boast the popularity of blender since i think it would be a unique feature


lighting does not matter at the moment, they can just do a alpha of the movie and then overlay it on the camera’s view

it might not be realtime but blender can do this, take a look at this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkRS8N_Rljo

I really don’t see any use for this feature whatsoever. I would rather want the developers to spend time on tools that are actually useful instead.

though i know it’s might seem useless… if we put it in something like .blend file, though you might not use it; MANY WILL, like for presentation for a new car… or just want to see how the over all results of your sculpting is in real life!
i mean, there are really a lot of uses of VR
i mean there are the tracking and the rendering in blender already… i don’t think this project needs long to make

there´s like 100s of 3rd party developers doing this, a couple of years ago there where lots of campagin sites using this.

anyway from a 3d content creator you can just make the model, texture, animate it. Usually back then the I/O format was COLLADA (.dae files)

I don´t either think this is something that needs to be developed at all by the blender fundation.

  • another lib to maintain
  • features to keep up to date

When you can have a 3rd part developed app.

  • different libs
  • clients doesn´t need blender to view the model.

If you wanna learn more /or find a developer. Check out ARToolKit, or even FLARToolkit (flash version). I believe there are even JavaScript forked libs that does the same (track a pattern, displays 3d model on it)

Another lib is PTAM, parallel tracking. Pretty neat is that it doesn´t need to have a design/pattern to track.

Pretty old, 2007. Probably is better ways out there.