why continue bge development?

I just want to know. I’ve not used the game engine before so I just want to know what the benefit of having it is? This is an honest and sincere question here. Seriously, I know it’s going anger people but I just wanted to hear some opinions. I don’t want to kill your baby, I’m just asking would it be so bad?

It seems to me that there are other open source game engines around, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_game_engines the top list is the open source ones. And the developers work on just an engine. Not a full 3D package and game engine. It seems to me that it would make more sense to make those engines easier to integrate with blender and remove the blenders game engine.

From what I here, again here-say I’ve not used it, the bge is behind the other engines in quality. So why continue it? Why not just collaborate with another open source engine?

Because it’s a feature worthy of being developed, and the base for it is already set.

It’s usable, provides a great integration with Blender’s tools, makes up a very impressive content creation package, and it’s an alternative for those engines that don’t run on Windows/Linux/MacOSX/FreeBSD at the same time, while being a possible alternative to run on Android.

All of this without a price tag attached.

Of course, there’s more, but this, for me is enough.

Hello. So, like eyeliner’s pointed out, the integration with the BGE is really a nice feature. The fact that you don’t need to export and import models, as well as being able to quickly play the BGE to see the game unfold are great features. While you might have an idea about merging in other engines to Blender, I don’t see a need to get rid of the BGE. If that is really the preferred option, then some Blender developers should work on integrating other engines into Blender. After all, the BGE is a part of Blender - what concerns it should concern the Blender developers. Otherwise, why leave it to the few dedicated BGE devs to work on integrating in an entirely unfamiliar engine (unless they wanted to)?

EDIT > As a side-note, the BGE’s not that far behind. It’s not exceptionally fast, but with just a few improvements, it might literally be the easiest and most powerful open-source indie game engine. There’s nothing wrong with Blender, and there’s nothing wrong with the BGE - it’s just not getting enough developer attention. If you look at, for example, devmaster.net, the BGE has a somewhat comparable score to Unity (4 stars with 33 reviews vs 4.3 stars with 67 reviews). < EDIT OVER

There’s already been an attempt at making a separate, open-source game engine that’s integrated into Blender, which is GameKit. The problem is, it’s not nearly as easy to use as the BGE, and it’s not as advanced in terms of capabilities yet (as far as I can tell). Also, the integration itself isn’t complete (I think stock Blender GLSL shaders aren’t imported, for example). Integrating an engine that was by no means made to import data from Blender would probably be more difficult.

Anyway, there’s been other threads like this before that had pretty large portions of the engine’s regular users comment on it. You can search for them / go back a few pages and find one.

ah, ok. Sorry for posting a common thread.

thanks for the answers.

And done! Please, no more replies on this types of threads.

Yeah, like SolarLune said.

Additional points:

  1. BGE has an integrated renderer, so that makes it easier to develop new rendering features than work with a renderer like Ogre3d for example (i.e. it’s easier to hack and change to what you want). BGE code, in my opinion, makes implementing research papers easier (rendering or otherwise).

With other engines like GameKit which use Ogre3d, that’s not so straight forward.

Also the Python API allows you to add any extra side features you need to complete your rendering feature for example, or any other feature, it doesn’t have to be just rendering.

  1. BGE has a great Python API, and you could add a whole host of new features just by using Python. Other engines don’t have that (Unity3d perhaps, but it’s not as fast or as low level).

  2. BGE shares code with Blender, so you benefit from a shared code and interface. Blender gets an asset manager? Well it could be possible, with some extra development to enable the asset manager in BGE.

EDIT: a good example is the material nodes that were enabled for BGE, which was a Blender feature.

BGE has it’s disadvantages, like license uncertainty regarding iOS for example. But the appeal of prototyping a game faster with BGE and finishing faster is more important than what the other engines do.

One more point: GameKit doesn’t let you preview in the viewport. It opens a separate window when you press play which is not useful for visual scene type setup. You need to actually see the transition of the scene as you tweak variables. For example fog, I know when I work on a scene, fog is very hard to get right, and so you need viewport preview which changes as you tweak variables. The same goes for materials, GameKit doesn’t let you see the transitions in real-time in the viewport, you actually see BGE doing the rendering.

You could solve the viewport problem a number of ways with GameKit, it just takes quite a bit of development time. But I think BGE has an advantage in that area, again because it shares code with Blender.

I think it’s valuable to keep talking about this. It’s not like the BGE necessarily remains useful just because you had a conversation about it some months ago. It might be more valuable, instead, to have a sticky thread about why BGE is important to maintain and explain its goals.

Well, they could continue to develop the bge…

or I may have them incinerated :slight_smile:

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