why control z screws up ur entire pose

i dont understand, modelling gets to undo and what not and we are stuck without one, ever make a pose wehre u have to move like 19 bones and mess up, and without thinking hit control z. the entire thing gets erased. i no if that if i jsut made a keyframe i would be fine, but still control z shouldnt undo allt he bones you moved, it just shouldnt

You might consider layering your animation workflow rather than trying to go pose to pose with everything done in one pass.

pose to pose is wat i do
wat are u talking about tho, curious

Let’s say the character is walking down the street, sees something on the ground and bends over to pick it up, then continues walking down the street.

First pass is to move the entire character down the street, pause at the thing, then continue walking. You’ve got IPO curves set on the CoG bone, or the Body bone, and you adjust them until the timing of the walk, the stop, and the continue walking looks good. (Just the timing, your character will look like you’re playing with a GI Joe doll at this point.)

Second pass add the foot movement, maybe adjust the body movement to account for the slight up and down motion people make when they walk.

Third pass swing the shoulders and arms.

Keep at it until everything’s in place. You focus on only one thing each pass, so you’re only dealing with a couple of controls if you’ve got something like the mancandy rig set up, or with a couple of bone chains if you’re moving the armature by hand.

that method makes no slippage almost impossible, i dont no, ide like to do my animations like they would in traditional animation

Use a svn version. I fixed this issue a few weeks ago in svn :slight_smile:


Pose2Pose is just fine, adjusting timing is just a matter of pushing keys around in the action editor. After all there isn’t anything more important than your poses. :slight_smile:
Use AutoKey (the red ‘record’ button in the timeline) to automatically have a key inserted when you moved a bone.

sooo thats wat thats for