Why CUDA out of mem errors on ubuntu cycles render?????

Hey, I’m having problems render a cycles scene on ubuntu12.04 64 bit… tried trunk 2.65a and that gives “out of mem” errors on x,y grid and pointers as well a just crashing most of the time. Trying 53450 from buldbot and that dosn’t crash but still gives the errors… wont repeat just randomly fails… grrrr!

Is it a large scene you are trying to render? CUDA Out of Memory means that your GPU doesn’t have enough memory to store the scene for rendering.

Try rendering with cpu; if it works, and crashes on gpu - especially when it gives you the subtle hint that it’s out of memory, then it’s out of memory. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep!, so ubuntu uses a lot more memory than i though… 250 mb with a dual screen settup. The file isn’t that big its mainly ocean sim with 810,000 faces. Would the memory usage be lower in cycles if the full mesh res was only displayed at render time??
Managed to get the system mem down to 120mb by disabling the full gpu scaling in the driver any other memory reducing tips?

You do know that rendering with the CPU uses your RAM, and rendering with CUDA uses your VRAM?

In the upper left corner it will tell you how much memory blender is using. If it exceeds your VRAM, youll crash or be very slow to start rendering.
Try on teh CPU and see if that works and check memory usage then.

Yep, I just ran into this as well, my one object scene would not render under GPU. I only have 1Gb of VRam on my GTX 460. It really makes one appreciate having the backup Blender Internal render engine. Blender Internal outperforms Cycles in CPU mode for most tasks.

I knew the difference in the ram types and usage and the cycles cpu render is way to slow. Actually started the scene with the internal but switched to cycles because its faster and easier to render water with the reflections.
I’ll be looking into a bigger card.
One thing though that doesn’t make sense is the blender mem usage on the main header uses vram w cycles as render – not sure on the internal-- but, if the scene is already in vram why is more used at render time?? almost like doubling the memory usage for nothing??

The way it stores mesh data for 3d use is different to the way it uses it for rendering. one trick i have found out is that if you change all of your panels to something other then the 3d view… save, close blender, open blender reopen file. it will not load up the mesh data for 3d use, so you can get quite alot more out of your card. when you want to do the final render.

The main problem i have with the 3d viewport is that it doesn’t support instancing properly so every time you do a linked duplicate, it stores the entire mesh twice in ram

Sometimes it’s the drivers… I updated to latest nvidia drivers (310.90) today and suddenly started getting out of memory in 2.65x, and certain older versions. Rolled back to 306.97, and no problems anymore in any version… so it might be worth a shot for you.

2600k @ 4.4
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