Why did Blender Lose F-Buttons?

This is a really slow (clumsy) way to work since properties are among the most accessed functionality in Blender. The strange part is that the development team has even addressed this issue of slowness (I read it somewhere on the net several months ago) but done nothing to rectify it.

I can find info on how to access almost anything in Blender (for creating add-ons) but the specific property buttons information (RNA) is suspiciously absent. Also Ctrl+F-Buttons reproduces nearly the same functionality that Ctrl+Left & Right arrows does, indicating that these buttons are still accessible via the GUI but have been intentionally altered in a near useless fashion.

Has anyone been able to create add-ons to regain this functionality or are there issues preventing this?

Now, keymaps are editable.
You can go in Input section of User Preferences to restore 2.4X F-keys behaviour.

_Scroll to Property Editor.
_Click on Add New.
_Write wm.properties_context_change instead of none.
_In the string that just appear, write RENDER, SCENE, WORLD … or PHYSICS
_ Finally, replace A by Fkey.

Redo this for each tab.

Thank you very much!