Why did Googel nuke their image search?

When i want to be cheeky and steal some textures for non commercial personal 3D work, i use internet image searching, google used to be my goto search then they made it crap, took away search options and filters and never innovated… So i now use Bing which has a built in AI visual search where it will search any image you feed to it or an existing image and find similar based on that… it also has many more filter options. It’s no contest.

Getty sued google for its image search… also why they removed the ‘view image’ button

but there is at least this:

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It’s so dumb. At this point the world would be a better place without copywrites and patents. Only large already rich corporations or lawyers ever benefit from them now a days anyway. In the old old days if someone made a piece of art and someone else copied it they would call that a compliment.


I’m so sick to death of seeing “Getty Images” in the corner of yet another stock photo on the web instead of original work.

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Google is busy scrubbing all sorts of incriminating data from the web for their Deep State players.

Thus there are many changes taking place.

They won’t be around for much longer under the same banner/ownership.

Same with most other big tech giants.


One can only dream… these corporate ideologues have done irreparable damage to society.


William Barr is taking them down.

Hope he’s the man for the job. Neo-Marxism and outright Communism have no place in any decent society.


Thank Corona-Chan.

Google makes most of it’s money off advertisers paying them for user info. Advertisers had confidence that that portfolios google sold them would have at least ##% accuracy to actual sales, they believed it was due to google’s invasive model of data tracking all over every site on the web.

However during corona virus people are spending less and advertisers are getting less sales on average per ad post than they thought possible. financially speaking they are getting the same amount of sales from google as any other advertising right now. This has driven them to question the validity of Google’s invasive “creepy line” model.

https://spreadprivacy.com/duckduckgo-revenue-model/ (creepy line explained here)

So right now google is losing money, advertisers are learning that at current they will get the same amount of sales without paying anyone as they would by paying google.

I suggest firefox 51.0 with no-script, never turn on analytics.google.com scripts, they are unnecessary for the function of any website.

and I suggest duckduckgo.com for a search engine.

Bing tracks you as well. keep in mind you are merely getting images for noncommercial works but if you share those works and they get a lot of acclaim any tracking search provider will be able to tell the IP rights holder where you got the images and if you are in violation of the usage rights.

better safe than sorry.

on blenderartists, I don’t even turn on googlesyndication.com scripts. everything works perfectly.

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Been using duckduck and Brave for a while now. No Youtube ads…ever again… yes please.


Not really. It would just turn into what China is doing right now. Everybody immediately copies anything innovative and the original creators who do the research and development get zero reward. It would lead into lose lose situation for everybody.

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Couple months ago Firefox start to kill my CPU and memory, so I switch to Brawe browser ( already use Duck Duck Go as serch engine ). But this is same $hit if you ask me. Duck Duck image search give less results, poor choice and also are corrupted as Google Images. This is not place for my rant… but really what is purpose of image search … or internet at all, if search result are “rigged”.
I remember that I couple years ago search for images of Mercedes 500k… need reference photos for 3D model… but instead of pictures of 500k I get bunch of photos of “some” politicians and donkeys???
I never understand what is connection between Mercedes 500k and she and donkey.
Getty images already are catched with red hands because shameless theft… phuck, Getty even sue original author of photos. Author give this photos for free as public domain, but Getty not only steal this images, moar they sue author because she use this photos in her portfolio.

The world of copyright has gotten crazy in some respects, but any reform should still respect the artist’s right to make money off of their work.

The unfortunate thing though is that there’s a lot of people who do not believe in paying for content, period, they just pirate everything. Even worse, we find out that many in the ‘pirate everything’ crowd do not even believe in paying for anything, we discovered this Summer that they will steal and loot to get the physical goods they want if they can get away with it.

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DuckDuckGo is nice. Only times I use Google nowadays are when certain search terms come up short on the former or when I quickly want to translate pieces of text. Feels strange moving on from Google after using it since I began using the internet as a young teen, but nothing lasts forever I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also try presearch.org. It has multiple search engines built into it, not only for web search but also for social media, videos, shopping etc. It pays you crypto.

I recommend Tor Browser if you don’t want to be tracked. Use Tor with a VPN for the ultimate.

Way different than the USA where the original creator gets enough to starve to death more slowly leading to every artist saying they are a starving artist. I know some incredible artists. Best of the best and they make $15 per hour. It is sad.

If we moved to a living wage artists could make art of their own choosing full time. They could also be allowed to take money from donations like patreon or merch. with their art so they could make over the living wage. Donations and selling their own merch. is where most artist like youtubers make their own money now a days anyway. That with the government living wage would have 99.9% of artists making more money. Popular projects could still be funded via donations.

Ecosia search plants trees for every search done. If everyone used Ecosia instead of Google we might dramatically slow or stop global warming just with that small change. Imagine billions of $$ going to plant trees instead of going into better AI to spy on us.

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Because image consumption is immediate, once an image is displayed in high-resolution, large format, there is little impetus to view the image on the original source site.

This has also promoted piracy, resulting in widespread copyright infringement, turning users into accidental pirates.

So basically the story goes like this:

  • Users can search for images on Google
  • If they find a cool image they download it and use it irresponsibly (no having specific technical knowledge of how the copyright system works and how images are licenced as IP).
  • Thus Google promotes piracy…

I see some sort of logic gap here.

So Google and others simply need a big clear filter that selects either - copyrighted - Creative commons allow commercial use of work. - Creative commons no commercial use. - Creative commons allow modifications of the work. - Creative commons dont allow modifications of work. The type of copyright should be in the metadata for every image on the internet. Thats how image search should work. Then the responsibility is shifted away from google and onto the user to obey the copyright.

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