Why did Googel nuke their image search?

Eh sorry what? I use BRAVE too, there still are Youtube ads?
I’ve just turned off the “remember cookies” or whatever, so I don’t get one on STARTUP…but otherwise they’re there…how do you turn them off? (also see my post on alternatives to YT, just now…)

BRAVE has TOR built into it.

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Somebody (in the newspaper), once measured how much energy is USED by a Google search - hopefully these trees will balance it out…

Just put the shields up(click little lion icon right of address bar) with a YT tab open. Seriously, I haven’t had to look at a single ad on YT since I started using Brave, it completely blocks all ads.

hey, my shields ARE up…

now what?

now if only there was a way to turn off the suggestions :slight_smile:

ESPECIALLY the ones that float up ON the video at the end.

One reason for taking out image-search may simply be that it never worked very well …

You didn’t read the thread correctly, Google’s image search feature is still there and can find the images you want.

What Google got rid of is the ability to view just the image (ie. isolated from the rest of the content in the page it is on and available for download). Google, like usual, tries to resolve a complaint with blunt force (like removing the feature altogether) rather than with something intelligent (like greying out the feature for certain image providers on request), which is ironic for a company that pours so much R&D into AI.

This reminds me the war music label companies declared on the internet back in the late 90s (I was 10-15 at that time). Now it looks like photo-repository companies joined the chat.

But it was not only after 10 years of struggling that about 2007 with the rise of Youtube, not only music label companies adapted to the new reality but also would exploit certain features of the internet such as “ease of access” and “virality” to maximize their capabilities.

However is not exactly fair comparing stock photos (very specific to publishers or visual specialists) to music (all of the rest and general population). But you get the point. If not a new fair monetization model is conceived at this time, there would be more rants, and more regulations, simply Google search at some point will become unbearable because their top-notch algorithm is hindered by all of these customizations and regulations on what is supposed to be served or not.

I stopped using Google search when they started requiring acceptance of their terms, even when you were not registered or logged in for just doing a simple search - It got me suspicious enough to stop using their “services”
It took a while before finding a proper alternative, but then I thought about the users across the border in the east - What were they using, and found Yandex.

At first I was just using their search, but after a while started using their browser as well.

The only thing I miss from Google is the maps with higher resolution satellite images, but the image search is just as good as Google was and the translator is by far better than Google’s.

I have been using Yandex now for maybe 3 years and I find their built-in protections to be better than Google’s and Firefox, which is kind of logical since the ordinary users over the border do need a safe browser and I guess the threats are bigger over there => They need one that is safer than those mostly used in the “west”.

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