why did nan have to...

(muteinvert) #1

…include these lines when they were making blender:

if muteinvert.make_game:

here’s a animation of my retarded character for my bmx game when i press tab(it’s did NOT make any animation for the character, it’s moving on it’s own)

i’ve tried EVERITHING, even keyframing it, but it keeps happening, even on the older versions of blender, and even on other computers


email me for the .blend([email protected])

(Pooba) #2

I don’t really understand your problem, e-mail me the blend.

(cluh) #3

try this: select the guy press ctrl+tab, press A, then press alt+r.

(muteinvert) #4

i could only wish it would work
it just sets the armatures back to normal, then it gets screwed up again when you press tab

(cluh) #5

Email me the .blend

(Pooba) #6

That is the weirdest thing i’ve seen in blender!

If you keep pressing tab, the body will rotate around and around and around :-? . What the heck did you do?! But, if you parent the mesh to the armature and don’t mind having to reset everything when you want to change the armature, you’re fine. All the armatures work fine so you can just parent the mesh. I have NO clue how you did that though

(lizard809) #7

try alt-T on all the bones and the armature itself

(B-headed) #8

Hey, that’s what happened to my rig.

I followed the disco alien armature tut. step by step, and i eneded up with a mesh parented to the armature, but when you press tab between normal/edit the bones rotate, just the feet in my case. You have to press tab about 12 times for it to come back to original position…