Why did you start Blender?

Why did you start blender?

The reason that I started blender was to make a game. Why? Well, my children, gather around and I will tell you. It all started about last August. My brothers all had laptops or computers, I didn’t have one. I have always watched and/or played 3D video games but there was one game in particular that really pushed me to make video games. It was called Assault Cube. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Well, this “Assault Cube” was an FPS computer game. You could play multiplayer with it. I obviously couldn’t play because I didn’t have a computer. I would watch my brothers/cousins play, and on the inside I always wanted a computer to play it on. The only available computer was my mom’s, but that couldn’t handle Assault Cube. It was hopeless, I was bored almost to death because everyone would play Assault Cube and I couldn’t. All I could do was watch. Then, I can’t quite remember if it was my idea or one of my brother’s ideas, I was introduced to Blender. My brother’s found out about it through a youtube video a friend showed them about a feature in blender. I believe it was an explosion someone made. 2 of my brothers had already had blender, but they couldn’t figure out what to do with any of it and eventually gave up. I downloaded blender on my mom’s computer and decided that I would want to make a multiplayer game like Assault Cube so that everyone could play it. As soon as I opened my newly downloaded blender 2.49. I was intimidated by all the different settings and buttons on the bottom panel. I said to myself, “It will probably take me years just to figure out what a few of those do.” I started working with it. By day 1 I figured out how to change to front view/side view etc. By day 2 I had figured out a few more features. I forgot to mention that a friend of mine downloaded blender the same time I did because he was interested in it. He still knows very little about blender and has almost no interest for it now. A few days later I had already learned that the middle mouse button could change views instantly in 3D, I was super-newb excited by this point. Unlike a lot of people, I had a daily capped bandwidth, and I also had a lot of other people get on the internet in my house, which meant no video tutorials. A few days later(after looking through text tutorials.) I had made my first game. It was a sphere on a plane, you had to push space to make it jump and touch a box which would reset the game. I was really excited, and I showed all my brothers and was very proud of my work. I wanted to learn more though, so I could complete my dream of making a multiplayer FPS for everyone to play. I worked on another game. It was a cube that could move AND jump. I made obstacles for it so it could jump on blocks and stuff. This wasn’t just any cube though, it was a sculpted one. I had almost no Idea what sculpt mode was, I just went to it and made my cubes head puff out a little so I know where I was pointing. I made several levels of this game. On each one I learned something new. I even managed to get a pick-up inside the game. This was probably a month or so of messing around with blender (remember, no video tutorials.) Not quite sure when, maybe a couple months after downloading blender, I decided to focus on a real game (every newbie’s dream). I had absolutely NO idea what box modeling was, and I hardly even touched the edit mode. I came up with a story for my game and decided to make the character, Somehow…

Children-“What happen’s next?”

Grandpa Sonic14-“I will tell you.”

So the only way I knew how to model was by using primitives and sticking them into each other. I made a decent looking character but he wasn’t rigged. I didn’t know how to rig very well so I just put off the rigging and animating until I was done modeling everything. I made a side scroller version of the game. By this time everyone knew that I needed a much more powerful computer for what I was doing, so they bought me and my little brother a mac mini (which I have now). My little brother hardly ever uses it and I use it probably everyday. I didn’t take any of the blend files with me from my mom’s computer. I tried making various other games and failed before I got very far in them. Then, something very big happened, my brother was in the city (with hi-speed internet) and could download videos and bring them to me. So, the first video I picked was Jonathon Williamsons amazing tutorial on basic human modeling. This was around December I think. It was then that I learned of edit mode and box modeling. I started to model characters. The first one I did was horrible. The 2nd was a little better. The 3rd was a lot better in basic form but still had major facial issues. After a few more tries I finally got one to look good. I named her Aurora. If she wasn’t on the computer I would’ve married her. I continued on with video game making. Getting better every day. I had already decided that making 3D computer games and/or movies was going to be my future.

And that is my story. It would be great if everyone could post a story like this.

But that’s just a suggestion. :wink:

That’s quite a wall of text you got there, sonic : p

I wanted to get into, 3d stuff, i didn’t particularly plan on sticking with it, but now i know that i want this to be my profession. It’s so funny how small coincidences can kind of change everything. I discovered blender by chance after a google search and i was hooked, this was 7 years ago!

Because i saw it’s free and opensource - it would be foolish not to try it. Turned out it was better than what i was currently using in some aspects and worse in others, but overall it was the better choice.

Since I just started blender I may be a good answer giver. This is my first post (I don’t even know if this is the place for it) and I started blender exactly one week ago.

The idea that I can create my own realities is awesome to me. If I want to learn how to do architectural visualizations I can do so. If I want to create a short film I can do that. Of course words are easy to say and the feasibility of doing these things are completely outside my understanding, but I know that it IS possible. I guess it’s the ultimate tool for creation that’s so alluring. Any advice you have would be awesome.

Before I use Blender, I use another program. It isn’t simple and hard to use. My friend tell me to use Blender but I answer NO! because I think it’s ineffective. In summer i try to use Blender.I learn in Blender Cookie and I love it ! It’s simple and more performance. Now, I leave another program and I wanted to get 3D-stuff. I make website for Blender in Thai language to promote.

Thanks you Blender !

because of the very good gui
and: I didn’t like the 3D software I was using before

I started off with Moray + Povray and then moved to Strata. I wasn’t happy with them. That was a long time ago.

I just discovered a mistake in my story. I didn’t make the character with primitives until AFTER I switched over to the mac mini.

I started blender for both reasons “My previous tool was not good enough” (I used anim8or before) and “I wanted to make a game”.
I chose the latter. But i think it’s a bad choice, because I only wanted to make assets for a game, not use BGE to make a game, and anim8or was just not powerful enough.

Blender was suggested by my open source geek friend from the Netherlands.

I did stumble upon blender before that, but I didn’t even want to download it after seeing some google image results of the GUI.
But when i did get it, I didn’t like it at first, because of the orbiting stile and right click select (I didn’t know how to change those and if i can do that at all).
But later I learned that I can use turntable. Very glad it was there.
The thing that got me hooked was the modeling. Modeling in blender is so easy and fast in comparison to anim8or. I was a complete “polygon by polygon” modeler those days.

I dont remember why I really started to use blender.
I just remember the first time I opened it (was in linux)
so it was like: what is this bullshit ?
and I closed it.

after some months somehow I started to learn and get addicted to blender.
The motivation was also to make a game , but I only use blender to create characters, and it is free + there are a lot of tutorial
so yeah, blender is one of greatest program I know

I got the 3D bug as a natural progression from faking 3D in After Effects (2.5D). I wanted to learn 3D but couldn’t decide which application to commit to. I didn’t want to learn “x” software and limit myself to only certain employers.

I love the concept of Open Source and make an effort whenever possible to replace commercial applications with an Open Source alternative. That and the fact that I can use it cross platform since I use the 3 major OS’s between work and home.

Ultimately the major factor is that I can pick up Blender like an artist would use a brush and take it with me. I’m not stuck using software A or B because this is what my current employer uses.

Lastly it has a real community and shows it. It is ever evolving… Sorry I’m gushing:) Yes it may have some short comings but at the same time it’s cutting edge. IMO it can only get better!

Thanks to Ton and the whole Blender community for all your efforts! Now go donate a couple of bucks to the foundation, or buy something from the e-shop. It’s the least we can do.

To do architectural visualization as freelance, but didn’t want to pay a 3ds max license.
So I got into opensource =)

I am a furniture maker and I needed a 3D environment for designing. All 3D programs seemed hard to learn so I decided to learn open source one. But the result now is that I do more any kind of 3D graphics than furniture.

I became vaguely interested in 3D modelling when I got FS2004 and found that it was possible for anyone to make add-on aircraft for FS. I tried Gmax but gave after around 20 minutes:o Tried Blender 2.49 but totally gave up because of the interface. I got serious when 2.5 beta came out, I thought the interface rocked, started using and haven’t looked back! That was about 2 months ago:eyebrowlift:

Just out of curiosity mostly. That and I’ve been messing around with Unity and wanted to try my hand at 3d modeling. I tried a previous version of Blender some time ago, but I never really had the motivation to actually sit down and learn it properly.

I started using blender because, 1 it was open-source, 2 It has a massive community, Also I saw how rapidly it was growing in the “3d World”. I have used Maya in the past, and to be honest I think blender beats it in nearly every aspect (except prob animation).I don’t regret my time spent learning blender (and won’t in the future).

Blender is for me a genuinely good tool for doing my 3d projects, and I really like the way it works (well… most of the time :stuck_out_tongue: ).
I have used and evaluated a lot of different 3d applications, and I feel that most of them were really good in their own way.
So using Blender for me is simply a personal preference.

I found Blender on my computer several years ago. Didn’t know where it came from, but got into it and loved it.

I was a long term user of Anim8or and then Maya PLE for a very brief period. I’d used various trial versions of 3DsMax by reformatting my PC whenever the license got expired. Spotted a Blender / Maya comparison around 2006 but only seriously started to use it around late 2007. Was more into making game prototypes (with GameMaker) for a long time until I bumped into Blender. Things changed from then on.