why "disabled"

why is it that the blender game engine is “disabled”, if the 2.25 works fine, and nobody is currently planning to do anything with it!! why not just put it in there? let it live in it’s own little world? is it really that integrated?

Well I was hoping too it would be in 2.32, but it seams we have to wait for the next build, but I still like the new features in blender 2.32. The developers are really working on the engine, trust me, just wait, I also can’t wait anymore but I try. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just try to get familiar with the 2.32 GUI. :smiley:

the developers are still implementing solid… give them time its very few that are working on the engine from what i saw… just think the longer you wait the better it will be… try to get some really good story line down in the meantime… just please dont complain about the engine not in 2.32 =\ they developers hate that… =/

I was under the impression that the engine was not going to be a standard feature anymore but part of a possible plug-in or seperate game blender program. I’m learning C++ OpenGL and computer graphics theory all the same time at the moment, so I might be able to do somthing more with it. But is it really actually being developted further? or are they just trying to get it to work properly with the new setup? either would be good news.

P.S. I too am totally buggin on the new realease, I’ve been waiting since the dawn of blender for raytracing, You are awesome TON!!!

I’m in school for electrical and computer engineering, with some luck I also hope to get into the development of Blender. I gotta learn the language though.

As the blender releases only come out
a) when enough signifigant feature have been implemented and
b) when those features have been bugtested enough
there will more than likely be several released tupohuu builds long before the game engine is ever in an official blender release. I have a current build, but it still has some problems. I’ll put it up when I get home and you guys can test it, but a lot of things aren’t working still. I’m trying to pin down exactly what’s not working and what’s wrong, but it’s a while away yet from being ready.

By the time a blender release with game engine comes along, you will probably already have spent a while playing with a working tupohuu build :slight_smile:

As far as future plans go, there are a lot of ideas but no final choices. THe general plan for development was:
a) put solid back in so that there is a 2.25 compatible version
b) do something else
Where part b could be: make a new game engine as a plugin, seperate current game engine into a plugin and develop it more, integrate Crystal Space or some other open source engine tightly to be able to use .blend files with logic bricks etc, start working on the simpler “Enji” engine and adding in all the needed features.

But there has never been a clear decision on which route to put our effort into. It all depends on what people want, how it affects other blender developers, and who is actually going to be programming for it. My vote is to continue the current engine in some form, merely for selfish reasons of all of the modifications I might have to do to Crescent Dawn if things change too much. But I’m probably just too afraid of change :slight_smile:

The best solution is probably to integrate with another engine, because then we can focus on coding usability features (more logic bricks/scripting) and let the other engine focus on making stuff look better and run faster. Also, developing the engine as a plugin would make it easier to improve the publishing capabilities. (Same code could be used for blender preview/web plugin/executable).

But we need excited coders to work on it and we have very few.