Why displaying wrong Object-Coordinates


I’ve two Objects (it’s a part of an Import of a DAE-File) in the Scene but I don’t understand why the Z-Value of the lower Object is higher than the Z-Value of the upper Object (see Z-Value under “Location”).


Does anybody know how to explain that ?

Kind regards

you mean the origin of OB ?

might have been re calculated when added in Bl
but is not there an option in script to not do that may be ?

happy bl

Those are parented objects and live in their parent’s local coordinate system. Their world coordinate might be what is shown as their location, where they would move if you clear the parent without keeping transform,

Thank for the explanation.
How can I get the Worldcoordinates of every Object ?
Do I have to remove the Parents of every Object by hand or is there some automatism ?

Found it out: Select all Mesh Objects -> Alt-p -> “Clear and Keep Transformation” is the Solution for the automatism :wink: