Why do I always get a bad track?

I’ve noticed that the only camera tracking software I have had any success with is the old Voodoo Camera Tracker.
I bought VooCat, but that gives me poorer results. I even tried Syntheyes, same result. Blender’s Camera Tracking: Even poorer!


What’s wrong with my footages? They ALL seem to get a bad track, unless I use the way slower but very efficient Voodoo tracker.

Is there some hidden algorithm or am I missing something?

It is hard to say, without seeing your video, I assume it looks ok and fairly noise free, right…?

If you have not watched Bartek Skorupa’s video series on using the tracker, I recommend it.

What camera are you using? have you disabled any sort of camera stabilization that goes on (this warps the image and makes it harder to track). What sort of setups are you tracking?

Canon 600D.
No stabilization.
No interlacing.

Focal Length set at 18 or 24 i Blender depending on what I set it at on my camera.